Product Care

    1. If you’re using any kind of chemical hairstyling product, please put on your hair accessory a few minutes after application. Never apply hairspray directly on the hair accessory as chemical elements may corrode the product.


    1. To avoid product deformation and breakage, do not store your hair accessory, comb or brush, in a humid or high temperature environment. Always handle your hair accessory carefully, especially those with elaborate sculptural designs. Refrain from holding the three-dimensional part with force at any time.


    1. Do not wear your hair accessory while lying down or sleeping.


    1. Do not place your hair accessory into a stuffed handbag or closet.


    1. Take off your hair accessory before shower or swimming as water may cause rusting of the metal parts.


    1. Store your hair accessory away from sharp and hard objects.


    1. Avoid wearing your leather hair accessory on rainy days and in humid environments. If your leather hair accessory accidentally comes into contact with water, place it under room temperature to let it dry out naturally.


    1. To keep your hair accessory in its best condition, you may use a soft makeup brush to brush off dust and dirt on the surface after wearing and put it in a proper place for storage.