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Combining timeless elegance with a fashion-forward sensibility, a handcrafted Hong Kong accessories brand, Faa founded in the summer of 2018 by Designer Kelly Fu, she is inspired by the beauty of the flower and named it as Faa, the pronunciation of flower in Cantonese, a stage for her to create unique accessories for women.

Faa adopted only the finest raw materials over the world. Handcrafted accessories made of genuine and natural elements, designed to harmonize aesthetics, to make high-quality finished products with layers and textures.

It is to be a treasure for the unique beauty of its pure materials and the support that it purchases bring towards preserving crafts of the work.

Faa believes that style is a life necessity, not a luxury, and provides trend right, unique fashion items, and collections. With a great understanding of the market and fantastic design. We stand above the rest for style, value, and quality that the shape of natural accessories can best lighten up the natural beauty of ladies.

About Designer

After forging a career in fashion as a model and artist over a decade, she founded her brand, making her first piece of 


Kelly deeps love for traditional handmade crafts has formed the inspiration of many of the brand's iconic pieces and flowers.

She enlightened imaginative thinking and ignited enduring customers' desires for exciting, high fashion, high trend styles in her accessories box.

Kelly and the team with a key focus on innovation are on the pulse of the fashion worlds emerging trends. She continues to 

explore the depths of 

fashion in an unexpected way that evokes captivating and indefinable characteristic.