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About Faa

If beauty has a purpose, “expressing uniqueness and accepting the many facets of human nature is surely one of them”, quipped Faa founder and designer Kelly Fu.


Faa draws its name from the Cantonese pronounciation of the word for “flower”. It is a bespoke hair accessory brand founded in the summer of 2018, where it evokes timelessness with a fashion-forward sensibility. These pieces are created for the modern woman, who cherishes having their voices heard in our society while highlighting their natural beauty with style and quality.


Crafted with the finest materials, Kelly’s creations are playful yet elegant, with collections ranging from the use of mother pearls, epoxy flower to Swarovski crystals, as well as bespoke designs using diamonds and gold. Her artpieces also weave together personal memories, whether her own or her client’s,resulting in each piece being one of a kind and representing a style that’s unique to the wearer.


About Founder & Designer - Kelly Fu

After finding success in the fashion and entertainment industry in the past decades,Kelly is now combining her years of experience to set up her own accessory brand. Her enlightetened imaginative thinking, along with her love for traditional handmade crafts, has led her to produce classic and chic accessories that continues to explore the depths of fashion in unexpected and innovative ways, as well as inspiring her passion for creating lasting memories.