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After-sales Services and Maintanence


All Faa products are covered by a 6-month warranty, including the defects during production.

The use of fake or non-Faa accessories on Faa products will damage the piece and will not be entitled to any official maintenance services. Faa will not replace nor repair the headband if it has been worn with non-Faa products. The tightness of Faa products is not included as an production defect. Do not expose Faa products to corrosive chemicals or expose it to harsh environments. Silver accessories are easily oxidized, exposure to corrosive chemicals or harsh environments can alter the appearance of your Faa piece. These chemicals include but are not limited to liquid polishes, swimming pools, hot springs and spa facilities. 

Please keep the receipt as proof of purchase. The standard warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase. General wear, misuse discoloration and lost of products are not included in the maintenance scope. For inquiries, please contact our customer service.

Product use and care

-To keep the glossiness, please store it in the velvet bag provided by Faa (place it in a moisture-proof bag), and avoid touching the spot where it may scratch the accessories.

-Wipe gently with a soft silver polish cloth to keep the accessories glossy. The cloth cannot eliminate scratches, so please be careful and protect it well.

-If you need to use hair styling products, please let it settle for a few minutes before wearing the head band. Never use hairspray directly on the band, as the chemical might corrode the piece. 

-Do not store the headband in high temperature or humid places to avoid product deformation.

-When wearing a three-dimensional headband, please be careful when handling and avoid holding the three-dimensional design piece, so as not to deform the headband.

-Do not wear the headband lying down. Do not put it in the handbag and drawer where other items can potentially damage the piece.

-Do not wear the headband when bathing or swimming, as the metal will rust.

-Please store the headband separately from sharp and hard objects to avoid damage.

-Please avoid wearing leather headbands in rainy days or in damp places. If you accidentally get it wet leather, place headband in a dry environment with room temperature.  

-After wearing the headband, you can use a soft makeup brush to sweep the surface to remove dust and dirt before storing it properly, in order to maintain the gloss and durability of the piece.

Signature service

If you would like the designer (Miss Kelly Fu) to sign on a gift-card on your packages, please let us know after placing the order. You can do so by messaging us on the Faa Facebook page, Faa Instagram or the Faa Website customer service. Please note that once the order is delivered to the courier company, we will not be able to provide signature services.