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Exchange and Refund Policy

1. Purchase on location

Products purchased on Faa sales locations can be exchanged within 48 hours with a proof of purchase. or a valid gift receipt. All merchandise must be in a resalable state with original packaging and attachments. There is no refund for the products sold, and there is no refund nor exchange for any discounted or gifted products. Please keep the receipt as proof of purchase. The standard warranty period is within 6 months from the date of purchase.

2. Online Shop Purchase

If you need to exchange or refund the products ordered from the Faa online store (excluding discounted products), you must notify our customer service within 48 hours from the date of order. Please provide a photograph of the problematic part of the product, and contact our customer service by sending the photo, along with the order and product number to either our Faa Facebook page inbox, Faa Instagram inbox, or the Faa website inbox. You must send it back by designated shipping method within 7 working days. Each receipt can only be refunded or exchanged once. We will not accept delivery or unauthorized returns after the deadline. Once we receive and confirm the product is in the original state, we will proceed with the refund process, and relevant payment will be debited to your credit card within 5 working days. If you choose to exchange the product, we will send out the new product within 5 working days. After receiving your exchange or refund request, we will send you a notification email. Please note we will refer to the time shown on the credit card records for your refund/exchange, if you have any enquiries, please contact the bank directly. Regardless of the point of sale, please confirm that the returned product is new and has not been used nor cleaned. The product needs to be in the original purchase condition and can be repurposed for secondary sales. The following are specific requirements:


1. The product needs to be in the original condition at the time of purchase. Make sure the product hasn’t been used, and bear no scratches, wear, damage and more. The product should maintain in its original quality and fit for reselling.

2. The outer packaging of the product should be intact. Please make sure the box is not damaged, smeared or pasted with any foreign objects such as adhesive tape or express delivery forms and more.

3. All related accessories (headband film, flannel storage, headband rack, protective hard box) and related gifts must be returned together.


If you have any questions about the product or the outer packaging at the time of delivery, please contact our customer service immediately.

Delivery Charge

Faa will bear the cost of shipping only when the goods were damaged or a delivery error has occurred. (The goods need to be returned by the delivery method specified by us, so we can bear the cost of delivery)

For product replacement due to subjective reasons such as not being satisfied with how the product looks on the client, the customer should bear the cost for the shipment and replacement order.  

Commodity Spread

For whatever reason the product needs to be exchanged, clients can exchange for products of the same price, or make up the difference in price should clients want to opt for a product with a higher price. If the price of the replaced product is lower than the exchanged product, the remaining balance will not be refunded.